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Content Marketing with Microvideo

Content Marketing with Microvideo

Content Marketing with Microvideo is all the rage this year, we’ve been applying ourselves to seeing what works and what doesn’t. This post shows what we’ve discovered. Businesses want to see a return on their investment. Impressions on social media don’t translate into cash. They are a semi-useful indicator of impact. Engagement is a much more useful metric because it is engagement that brings an audience to your web site. Taking a step back, the problem that is being addressed […]

5 Video Apps for the Smart phone

5 Video Apps for the Smart phone

My best 5 video apps for the smart phone? The functionality packed into the average phone or tablet these days has made the platform viable for producing video. Social media is packed with video shot on smart phones – As long ago as 2014 Car maker Bentley commissioned an ad which was shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad. Admittedly the iPhone was enhanced with several very expensive hardware add ons, but nonetheless the ad was shot on an […]

What is Branded Content?

What is Branded Content?

      What is Branded Content? And why is it so effective? Branded Content is compelling content that creates an immersive experience for the consumer. Generally the content will exist on its own platform, instead of interrupting an experience on somebody else’s platform like advertising. One way of looking at it is to say that everything a brand does is Content Marketing, from presentations to leaflets, brochures, web sites and social media. Branded Content stands separate from this in that […]

Video Production West Midlands

A Content Strategy for Video

If a picture tells a thousand words, then is video at 30 frames per second a no brainer? Well it’s not quite as simple as that, but 2017 is the year that brands will devote some serious attention to their content strategy for video. Statistics (Hubspot 2016) suggest that this year, video generated 55% of global internet traffic. That figure is set to climb to a staggering 74% in 2017. Today, 55% of internet users will watch a video online. […]

Image Optimisation & SEO - Video

Image Optimisation and SEO pt 3

Image Optimisation & SEO – Video In Image Optimisation & SEO Pt 3 we deal with video, and how this most compelling of media should be optimised to have the greatest bang for your buck. Video is the fastest growing consumable on the internet, in 2015, $6.42 billion was spent in the US on video advertising. In the same period, Red Bull’s YouTube channel totalled 4.79 million viewers. Amazing figures by any measure. The figures suggest that Video carries a punch beyond […]

Love Food Hate Waste – 10 Cities Videos

HELTER SKELTER MEDIA have completed a series of short films celebrating the LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE – 10 Cities campaign to end food waste in the UK. LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE – 10 CITIES CAMPAIGN has just completed. For 18 months this countrywide campaign partnered with seven major retailers and local authorities to put on a huge number of inspirational events that focused on reducing food waste in the home. The films are available to view on the WRAP YOU […]

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