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Interactive Web Promo with Adobe Spark

Interactive Web Promo with Adobe Spark

We created an interactive web promo with Adobe Spark. This isn’t the first one we’ve created, back in the days of Adobe slate we created one to promote a holiday cottage in Spain that was very well received, but for some reason we’ve never repeated the exercise for our product photography studio in Shrewsbury. Which is a bit bonkers really! Why do we use Adobe Spark? Firstly because its quick, easy to use and looks polished and professional. Secondly it […]

Who Moved My Narrative?

First published on Medium in “Thousand Words” This article is a bringing together of several seemingly unrelated strands I have been thinking about recently. Things that I have been doing in my commercial practice and more theoretical concepts dating back to some work I did with Transmedia a couple of years ago. The catalyst that enabled me to join my thinking up was an article entitled “Why is Narrative Such A Difficult Concept for Young Photographers to Master?” by Grant Scott […]

Effective Content Strategies

Effective Content Strategies

Content Marketing is one of the most overloaded terms in the world of Digital Marketing. Let’s begin by taking a look at the difference between Content Marketing and Content Strategy and then explain how effective Content Strategies work. The Key Providing content that the target audience is interested in is the key to effective Content Marketing. This includes blog posts, social content, some advertisements, TV programs and even films. It is simple to understand, but very difficult to do well. A Content […]

How to go viral on Twitter

How To Go Viral on Twitter

My business depends on being able to demonstrate a return on investment for my clients. Its hard to link great photography with increased sales in a short timeframe, but one thing that does carry weight is social media exposure. How to go viral on Twitter is a question that all commercial photographers could be thinking about. Here’s the story. In August I ran a survey gathering marketing information. I offered an incentive to take part; a chance to get a free […]

Image Optimisation & SEO - Video

Image Optimisation and SEO pt 3

Image Optimisation & SEO – Video In Image Optimisation & SEO Pt 3 we deal with video, and how this most compelling of media should be optimised to have the greatest bang for your buck. Video is the fastest growing consumable on the internet, in 2015, $6.42 billion was spent in the US on video advertising. In the same period, Red Bull’s YouTube channel totalled 4.79 million viewers. Amazing figures by any measure. The figures suggest that Video carries a punch beyond […]

Image Optimisation and SEO

Image Optimisation and SEO pt 2

Image Optimisation and SEO – Dimensions Image Optimisation and SEO – Dimensions. In Part 1  we covered the use of file names and the “alt” tag. In part 2, we’ll talk about the effects of file size, file type and the dimensions of the image on the usability of your site. There are a number of reasons to be concerned about the filetype, size and dimensions of your images. Google uses page load time as a factor in their ranking algorithm. […]

Food Photographer Birmingham

Image Optimisation and SEO part 1

Image Optimisation and SEO If you’re running an e-commerce website then Image Optimisation and SEO are essential tools of the trade. People look for images of products so that they can compare like for like. If you’re images aren’t showing up then you’re leaving money on the table. This is the first in a series of posts that will help you to optimise your images, help them be indexable and therefore discovered by people searching for those products. We’re going […]

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