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Jewellery Photographer BirminghamJewellery Photography is one of the very hardest things for amateurs to get right and consequently much of the photography we see doesn't do the jewellery justice. The challenges are many and various, solutions jealously hoarded by professional photographers and the images need to be high end; up market, crisp, clear and incredibly detailed.

We use the latest technology in addition to the tried and tested solutions to bring you high end photography at an affordable price. Tilt shift lenses and Focus Stacking techniques increase the depth of field giving you pin sharp focus from front to back. Glass fibre spots put that essential fire into the stones. Our macro work reveals amazing detail and the wealth of your fantastic craftsmanship.

Helter Skelter Studios eliminate unwanted reflections and deliver 100% white backgrounds for catalogues. Only the most pristine photographs make it into the catalogue collection.

Jewellery Photographer ShropshireAs a Jeweller you sell your designs through E-Commerce as well as face to face. The pictures used to represent you will be as meticulously designed and as perfect as the piece itself. We pride ourselves on delivering high end work.

Editorially, we apply the same level of care to every setup. We style our editorial images to reflect the theme of the collection and reinforce the qualities associated with your brand. Our images can be playful, romantic and affluent, all in the same picture.

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Helter Skelter Studios bring impeccable craftsmanship to the screen. Call us on 01743 231 416 or drop us a line for a free quote.
  • Working with Helter Skelter Studios is superb! Every photoshoot we have asked them to do has always been right on the mark, creative, dynamic and exactly capturing the task and target audience required. Without fail they have always captured the sophistication of my product and as they say, a picture says a thousand words......
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