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Panoramas & Virtual Tours

Panoramas & Virtual Tours

360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours have recently evolved to a point where they are accessible and useful in the commercial sense. There are a number of “off the shelf”, “out of the box” solutions available in the consumer market, but we prefer to use professional cameras and lenses so that we can achieve levels of detail and dynamic range that are out of reach in the budget end of the market.

The tour from which the image above was taken consists of six panoramas, each made up of twelve individual images taken with a 8mm Canon lens and a Canon 5D Mk III camera. We use specialist tripod heads from Fanotec to ensure our coverage of a scene is 360° complete.

Google StreetView encourage businesses to upload 360° panoramas so that potential clients, searching for a service or goods will be able to see and explore the venue, restaurant or shop that their Google Search provides.

The reason the 360° experience is so compelling is that it puts control in the hands of the viewer. Recent improvements to the technology make them seamlessly accessible to low cost VR headsets such as Google Cardboard. Virtual tours are constructed out of multiple 360° Panoramas and can provide an augmented reality experience with information being provided in context and on demand.


Click here to see some of the panoramas we have created for retail, tourism and crafts in 2018



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