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Drones and Panoramas West Midlands

We are CAA Approved Drone Operators: Permission to conduct Commercial Operations (PfCO): UAV5018 

We use DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro Drones equipped with 4k capable cameras to deliver high quality images and video, augmented by GoPro Hero cameras for action footage at ground level & Canon C100 Mk II Video cameras for shooting video.

Drones can provide the cinematic element that sets your video apart from the crowd. With 20 years experience in Broadcast Television we can say without exaggeration that we know how to deliver high end visuals and we go to great lengths to bring those values to our drone footage. The results are outstanding.

We use Canon 5D Mk III Cameras and Drones to create 360° Photographs and Virtual Tours.

We have used Drones to generate 360° panoramas and built Virtual Tours for clients in the TV, Agriculture and Real Estate sectors.

Panoramic Photography has been around for a few years, but it is only recently that the technology has evolved to a point where it is both accessible and useful in the commercial sense. The reason it is so compelling is that unlike video it puts control in the hands of the viewer. Virtual tours are constructed out of multiple 360° Panoramas and provide an augmented reality with information being provided in context and on demand.

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