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VIDEO IS A POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL it can help build relationships, create a following and turn prospects into loyal customers.

YOU KNOW YOUR STORY BETTER THAN ANYONE – so we work closely with you to come up with the editorial & visual ideas. We shoot in our studio or on location. The content is then edited for your final approval. On delivery we help you with a strategy to promote the visual content on your social media and web platforms.

GET IN TOUCH If you want a tiny piece of micro video on your website to help promote a product or a full blown video campaign of short films for the web and social media.  We produce innovative content for prime-time tv and digital platforms.  Our clients include new and established brands, national and regional charities and public sector organisations.


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We Produce..
Promotional Video

If you want to promote a new collection or tell the stories behind an established range we can come up with lots of innovative ways to do just that.  Consumers love to watch short films -  ‘the making of’ videos or just hear a designer talking about the inspiration that led them to create their range.  It can really help build your brands appeal. Everyone loves a good story and that is what we love to tell!


A cinemagraph is a blend of a still photograph and a moving image. The technique is used to create an arresting visual image - for example, a still image of a person falling into a swimming pool, frozen in mid air. After a couple of seconds, a bird flies across the sky. Increasingly popular in advertising. 


A short animation can be anything from a few seconds upwards.  There are lots of types of animation from stop-frame animation to 2 and 3D.  Used creatively it can tell a visual story quickly and get your brands appeal across. 

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, in the form of moving text are often used with short video content uploaded to the web.  People consume lots of video on their mobiles and on the go.  If they have no audio they are relying on the pictures to tell the story.  Motion graphics using text can drive the content and make it really engaging. 


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