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Great Product Photography

5 Tips for great Product Photography

Great product photography is harder to achieve than it looks. The good news is that it is not too difficult to get right as long as there is clarity about what you are trying to achieve. Clarity Clarity about the point of the photograph. Think about where the photograph will be seen – social media? Print? Web Site? Each platform brings with it some requirements – print for example needs to be high definition. Web sites need smaller files for […]

Focus Stack

How to Photograph Jewellery

Photographing Jewellery is one of the most difficult tasks in photography. Tiny, highly reflective, nuanced objects are a nightmare! This post tackles the problems, suggests answers and prescribes one successful method that solves the conundrum of how to photograph jewellery. These are the major problems that you’ll have to deal with. Reflections of the camera and the studio Showing the light in gemstones Dirt on the pieces Depth of Field Lenses   Reflections There is no way of eliminating all reflections […]

Moonshine & Fuggles Gin

Win Free Photoshoot this September!

Win free photoshoot this September! We’re designing a new wave of marketing activity and I thought the best thing to do would be to find out why people buy photography and how they find their photographers, from the people that do – so we’re asking our friends and customers to help us out. In return for you answering just sixteen questions – less than five minutes of your time, we’ll be giving away three free photoshoots in our Birmingham Studio. […]

How Photographers get Paid

Why Photographers Get Paid

Why Photographers get paid It might seem like a tautology, but bear with me; understanding why Photographers get paid is important to both new photographers and people with a requirement for photographs. I’m a product photographer and one of the most common complaints I hear from my customers is that they engaged a photographer for free or for a very low fee and the photographs didn’t live up to their expectations. I’ve seen lifeless food, reflections of the photographer, jewellery without […]

Helter Skelter Studios

Welcome to Helter Skelter Studios! Helter Skelter Media opened a production office at the Custard Factory in Birmingham in March 2015 and we liked it so much we decided to expand! We have created a state of the art photography studio for Packshot Photography. We believe that the point of product photography is to sell the product, to show it in the most attractive possible way that will fit with your existing web site and catalogues and encourage your customers to […]

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