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Shropshire Food Photographer

Shropshire Food Photographer

Shropshire Food PhotographerWe absolutely love photographing food & drink. Like anything worthwhile, it is hard to do well and its no coincidence that many food photographers are also chefs. We tap into that passion and create images that can almost be tasted!

Birmingham Food PhotographerForty One Tea recently commissioned Helter Skelter Studios to shoot their E-Commerce catalogue of specialty teas. The studio has never smelled so good! We delivered crisp, clear symmetrical images of the teas on a pure white background, scattered towards the front of the frame to show the textures.

We provided fifty images of the most delicious teas, shot in close up to show off the texture of the leaves, the fruits and spices lending their unique aromas to the herbal blends.

Drink Photography

Photographing glass is a Science and an Art and we’ve never seen a drink without a bottle or a glass! Drinks advertising carries very powerful messages, cider at harvest time, whiskey on a sodden moor. These are stories that are deeply ingrained in our culture and provide a rich source of inspiration and dare I say, romance.

Shrewsbury Food Photographer

Moonshine & Fuggles

Every drink demands different treatment, Brandy conjures up images of warmth, vodka on the other hand is glacially cool. Summer cocktails combine the two qualities delivering the warmth of a summer evening and a cooling gin and tonic. Red wine suggests winter roasts and roaring log fires, white wine is associated with images of sophistication and class.

Food Photography

Food Photographer Chris Wright and stylist Vivianne Howard are passionate about food. Every photograph we take is styled to tell its own unique story.

We are experienced commercial photographers and video makers who understand the art of telling stories through images. Telling your story. The values you hold, the vision and the story are captured in pixel perfect product photography. Images that you can taste.

Click here to see a selection from our Food & Drink commissions and if you want your stories told…contact us, we’d love to talk.

Call us on 01743 231 416 or Drop us a line…


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