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Commercial Photographer Shrewsbury

Helter Skelter Shrewsbury!

Helter Skelter Shrewsbury Happy New Year! January 2nd 2017 marks the opening of Helter Skelter Shrewsbury. We’ve moved from our base in Birmingham to a larger studio with ground floor access, parking and the most picturesque location! The studio is at 11 Mount Street, in Frankwell, Shrewsbury. We’re set back off the street, so you can take a left just after the main gates of number 11 and drive down the side of the house where you’ll see the studio […]

Video Production West Midlands

A Content Strategy for Video

If a picture tells a thousand words, then is video at 30 frames per second a no brainer? Well it’s not quite as simple as that, but 2017 is the year that brands will devote some serious attention to their content strategy for video. Statistics (Hubspot 2016) suggest that this year, video generated 55% of global internet traffic. That figure is set to climb to a staggering 74% in 2017. Today, 55% of internet users will watch a video online. […]

Who Moved My Narrative?

First published on Medium in “Thousand Words” This article is a bringing together of several seemingly unrelated strands I have been thinking about recently. Things that I have been doing in my commercial practice and more theoretical concepts dating back to some work I did with Transmedia a couple of years ago. The catalyst that enabled me to join my thinking up was an article entitled “Why is Narrative Such A Difficult Concept for Young Photographers to Master?” by Grant Scott […]

Effective Content Strategies

Effective Content Strategies

Content Marketing is one of the most overloaded terms in the world of Digital Marketing. Let’s begin by taking a look at the difference between Content Marketing and Content Strategy and then explain how effective Content Strategies work. The Key Providing content that the target audience is interested in is the key to effective Content Marketing. This includes blog posts, social content, some advertisements, TV programs and even films. It is simple to understand, but very difficult to do well. A Content […]

Focus Stack

How to Photograph Jewellery

Photographing Jewellery is one of the most difficult tasks in photography. Tiny, highly reflective, nuanced objects are a nightmare! This post tackles the problems, suggests answers and prescribes one successful method that solves the conundrum of how to photograph jewellery. These are the major problems that you’ll have to deal with. Reflections of the camera and the studio Showing the light in gemstones Dirt on the pieces Depth of Field Lenses   Reflections There is no way of eliminating all reflections […]

Emmaus Photography Project

Emmaus Photography Project

Homeless Charity Emmaus won a free photoshoot in our product photography promotion this summer. We were looking for an opportunity to put something back into the community and this seemed like a very good fit. It’s not Product Photography but the Emmaus Photography Project shows another side of what we do. Who Are Emmaus Emmaus are a charity dedicated to ending homelessness. They run communities providing work and a home for their members. The community members are called Companions. Emmaus began their work […]

Fine Foods of the Alpujarras

Fine Foods of the Alpujarras

We travelled from Birmingham to Andalusia in search of the fine foods of the Alpujarras. In 2013 we bought a run down cortijo, Casa de Almendras, in the hills just outside the bustling market town of Orgiva. It took us a year to renovate and we generally base ourselves here in the winter. We’ve been busy in Birmingham this year with the studio taking off. So instead of meandering by car through Spain, we packed up our cameras, jumped on an airplane […]

photographing footwear for e-commerce

Photographing Footwear for E-Commerce

We’ve been shooting shoes for an Amazon store this week. This post lays out the workflow and discusses the principles that make an image successful for fashion on-line. There are two things that are more important than anything else in photographing footwear for e-commerce. Clarity (Uncluttered background, sharp focus) Detail (Depth of field)   Clarity When shoppers browse your product on Amazon, they see a large picture of the product itself and can zoom in to this and other shots […]

Shooting Flowers in a Studio

Shooting Flowers in a Studio

Shooting Flowers in a studio is more complicated than it might seem. Especially when the colour of those flowers is white! We spent a couple of days this week working with the Floraccasion gang to provide images for their web site. The brief was to shoot lifestyle images on location in a suitably decorated house. Our own house in Ironbridge fitted the bill perfectly; a country cottage with original features, recently decorated in neutral tones. We talked about the web site and what it […]

How Photography Sells Food

How Photography Sells Food

How photography sells food is a million dollar question. Literally. The proliferation of food photography on instagram and the popularity of TV shows about cookery signify an interest in food that crosses cultural barriers as easily as it does class. I’ve been working with a number  of micro businesses recently and it has given me a real insight into the culture of the start-up and the pitfalls that some fall into. Although no two food producers are the same, there […]

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