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5 Photography Apps for the Smartphone

5 Photography Apps for the Smartphone

My favourite 5 Photography Apps for the Smartphone? I’ve used dozens but there are a few I keep coming back to.

  1. Snapseed – by far the best all round editing app, this is something Google got emphatically right.
  2. Perfectly Clear – Does exactly what it says on the tin – sharpens your iPhone pictures automatically.
  3. Layout – Makes complicated montages easy. Choose a layout and fill it with pictures. Easy!
  4. True HDR – This app makes HDR simple – it automatically takes a sequence of images, matches the position and offers the user a choice of automatic blending or user driven. A bit long in the tooth now, but the ease of use/functionality balance is perfect
  5. Slow Shutter – Great app for making impressionist images from a moving vehicle – or light trails.

Honourable mention to Lightroom – nearly as good as Snapseed on the phone, but Adobe will always struggle to offer enough functionality in the mobile platform since their main focus is the desktop and they won’t compromise that position.

Distressed FX is another app I keep coming back to – a great way to add textures to your shots. Combine this with Rollworld and whole new vistas of creativity beckon!

I use an iPhone SE – the size suits me and I like the camera, it’s better than most and produces very sharp images without any fuss. One tip and it works for all mobile cameras – never use the zoom – if you need a close up get it by cropping the original image, you’ll get much better quality that way – plus you’ll be able to choose the crop. As for flash, it is a tool of the devil in the iPhone – harsh and unforgiving, best avoided altogether. Try an app like NightCap Pro instead.

OK, slightly more than 5 Photography Apps for the Smartphone but, if you’re in the Shrewsbury area, we’re going to run a series of evening workshops this Autumn in the studio – we’ll be covering mobile photography for social media – the best apps, the best hardware (yes, you will need a tripod, albeit a small one) and some tips and tricks to help you improve your social media channels.

Check out our taster workshops at the Shrewsbury Open Studios in June.




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