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5 Video Apps for the Smart phone

5 Video Apps for the Smart phone

My best 5 video apps for the smart phone?

The functionality packed into the average phone or tablet these days has made the platform viable for producing video. Social media is packed with video shot on smart phones – As long ago as 2014 Car maker Bentley commissioned an ad which was shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad. Admittedly the iPhone was enhanced with several very expensive hardware add ons, but nonetheless the ad was shot on an iPhone. More recently, Apple’s 2016 “Shot on iPhone” campaign shows off the platform and the progress that has been made.

I’m pitching this post at the many people we encounter who have a great product and bundles of creativity, but are not in a position to pay for a video crew. What we’re interested in here is the viability of producing professional looking content on a mobile platform. This is a very fast moving market, so this post represents a snapshot in time – no doubt I’ll update it periodically.

  1. iMovie – My early experiences with iMovie were challenging to say the least. Unintuitive and clunky, it failed miserably to do the job it was presumably designed to do. However, Apple have redesigned it from the ground up and with support for 4k and a layout that resembles the normal pro level editor it is now more than capable of delivering a presentable assembly.
  2. VidLab – Upload your video straight to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and add text, overlays, effects, masks and filters. This easy to use program is simple to use and surprisingly well featured. Create your own soundtracks, voiceovers and lay them over the video. For those with limited experience of video editing, this program is excellent.
  3. Splice – from the GoPro labs. As you might expect, Splice is a very capable editor. Differentiating features include the ability to speed up and slow down video, add pan and zoom effects to still photos, record voiceover in the app and export straight to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  4. Adobe Clip – Offers integration with Premiere Pro, so this should be a shoe in-for professional film makers but….for all is professionalism it isn’t as well rounded as Apple’s iMovie. However, Adobe is a platform and by using other Apps such as Capture, the capability can be filled out nicely.
  5. Hyperlapse – From Instagram. If you’re a cook, then hyperlapse is the go to app. It’s brilliant at producing time-lapse video. Hyperlapse doesn’t do much else, but it does what it does very well indeed.

OK, I know I said 5 Video Apps for the Smart phone, but an honorary mention must go to GoPro’s Quik – it basically assembles the video itself, guided by a series of templates. A remarkable and I have to say, tempting, solution if you need to put something out there fast!

In summary – if you want all the features, fast, then VidLab or Splice will do the job well. If you’ve made video before and want a more conventional editing experience then iMovie or Adobe Clip are both very capable editors – as I mentioned, if you’re bought into the Adobe Platform then Clip has the edge.

In the next post, I’ll be writing about the hardware that helps bridge the gap between amateur and pro.

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