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Top Technologies 2017

top technologies 2017

Top Technologies 2017? This is a summary of the technologies that serves us well in 2016 and that we expect to use for the foreseeable future. Two categories, Photographic and Business.



Cloud based accounting software, easy to use, supports invoicing. Cheap, easy to use and takes the worry out of Tax deadlines.


An oldie but still the best website platform around. Substantially improved last year and with the Jetpack plugin going from strength to strength and superb SEO support in Yoast, we don’t see any need to go anywhere else for our website this year.


Another oldie, still essential for a number of reasons. Notes to self, shared documents. Web clipping, lists…One slight irritation is the restriction on the number of devices that was brought in last year on the free plan. I guess they have to monetise it, but that seems mean spirited!


New to us in 2016, this app is quickly becoming essential. Cloud based team support – with a growing number of integrations, Google Docs being the most useful.


We use this for mood boards prior to shoots. One of the most important sages in the workflow. I’ll go further – every time a client has engaged with us on Pinterest, we’ve absolutely nailed the brief. Fast.

Adobe Spark

Interactive cloud based presentations. A brilliant way to tell a story, check out this one we made to promote our holiday home in Spain.

Hubspot CRM

We use the free version of Hubspot to maintain our mailing list and keep client details. Integration with MailChimp is excellent.


The best mailing list management you can get for free. We love mail chimp with a passion, the editing tools and reporting capability are superb.


The glue that fits all this together! Zapier proved cloud based integration between (for example) Xero and Hubspot, Hubspot and MailChimp. Easy to set up and just works.


Adobe Photoshop CC

The biggest and the best photo editing software. This keeps on improving and although its not simple, it is good. Very good.

Capture One

Essential for Product Photography. The best RAW processor I’ve found, baring none.


A Video platform that is dedicated to serving video fast. Lacks the ubiquity and social advantages of YouTube but competes strongly with Vimeo and does exactly what it says on the tin – serves video fast.


A new technology to me, Sirv performs wonders at serving large files of high definition photography fast. We’ll be adopting this in 2017 as our go-to platform.

Adobe Premiere

Video Editing has been in turmoil ever since Apple pulled out of the professional market. Premiere has stepped smartly into the gap. Integration with Adobe AfterEffects makes this our go to editing app.

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