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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Lessons Learned in video Marketing

Lessons Learned in Video Marketing

If you’ve got a web site, the chances are you’re poring over the stats, wondering after all the money you’ve spent, the time you’ve put into writing quality content, just how it’s earning its keep. And if it isn’t, what can you do about it? These are some lessons learned in video marketing. We’ve been providing visual content to web sites for twelve months now, seven films and four complete web sites later, we’re sharing the knowledge we’ve gained. Firstly, […]

Backup Strategy for Photographers

Backup Strategy for Photographers

Why have a backup strategy for Photographers? When a disk makes a sound like a frying pan…it’s never good news! As a product photographer, it is absolutely essential that my client’s pictures are protected at every stage of the workflow. I tend to shoot tethered in the studio because I need to see the picture in detail so that any removable defects can be fixed at the time of shooting rather than at the time of editing. This enables me to […]

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